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St Valentines Day. Say It With Fireworks

Red Heart Firework Effect

Its almost here again, the day that the second largest sales of greetings cards takes place. St Valentine’s day is just around the corner and beggars the question, ‘say it with fireworks?’.

Recently, my partner and I were listening to a local radio broadcast when the female presenter highlighted her chagrin at having received a bunch of flowers. It was only apparent that her point was made because said flowers were purchased from the local petrol station. She went on to highlight that under NO circumstances were garage forecourt flowers an acceptable gift. So, this raised the idea of how would she feel receiving a rocket?

When tested, how many women would genuinely rather have a beautiful heart shaped rocket instead of the dried, diesel perfumed (and I do not refer to the designer label either) artificially coloured flowers. When put like that, who could disagree?

The heart-shaped rocket is a snip at £14.95 and is one of this year’s biggest sellers and for a very good reason. It is a truly beautiful piece and you simply cannot help but give it an ‘AWWW’.

So this year, lads – they really don’t want the rubbish flowers so don’t bother and ladies – no socks, boxers or smellies – come over to see us in Tankersley and give her a gift that she will never forget.

Open 7-days a week, 362 days a year, pop along. Just off junction 36 of the M1.

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