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Spring Has Sprung At Last

Spring Has Sprung At Last

2011 Dalian Spring Fireworks Festival

I know that it has been a long time in the offing but it would appear that despite our original reservations that Spring was simply going to give the UK a miss this year and have a two-day Summer and then skip to another Winter … it feels like a scene off Game of Thrones …’WINTERS COMING…’

But, as you can see from all the adverts recommending that we all put on some moisturiser with a ‘hint of sun’ or depilate those hairy monster legs hiding away under your skinny jeans, it would appear that Spring is definitely here.

With this in mind, we are seeing a marked increase in the number of orders and oddly enough we are already discussing with some of our more discerning customers the new additions to the range and the arrival of some of the biggest sellers, like the Sky Thriller rocket or any of the rocket volleys (which were on the shelves for all of about four days if memory serves) in time for Bonfire Night.

In a time where as a woman I have resorted to begging my hubby to read the damned instructions on a thing before attempting to put it together, I feel a little perturbed by the fact that there are some men actually PLANNING!! These men are not to be confused with the local Scout Leader who already knows what he wants and the budget is already set and the dog-eared brochure has been leafed through until it is a shadow of its former self, they are normal men who have decided through the long dark nights we have suffered for the last few months to take the time to plan ahead for what appears to be their first foray into the world of pyro.

2013 season is fast approaching and we are currently doing well in respect of weddings and celebrations but until we the British public feel that Summer is actually here to stay (even if only for a couple of days – remember 2007!) and we can break out the barbecue again we will not be prepared.

Come and see us, chat about what your plans are for Bonfire Night this year or if you have a special event like a 50th Birthday (mines next year in case you were thinking of saving for a pressie!) an anniversary or your upcoming nuptials, we can help you and your loved ones have a party to remember.

Why not make the most of the lovely weather we are expecting from this weekend and have a drive out to the Derbyshire Peak District and call in to see us on your way home. We are literally 2 minutes from the M1 or off the road to the Woodhead Pass which passes through some of the most breathtaking scenery the UK has to offer.

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