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Sparkler Canoe - Cool Firework Art

Sparkler Canoe - Cool Firework Art

This is a wonderful shot :)

Sparkler art is becoming ever more popular as are the number of photographers out there all vying to capture the perfect shot. Professionals recommend that you should use the slowest speed to offer the longest light exposure available on the camera as this will enable you to take brilliant shots. Set up on a tripod to avoid ‘wobble’ and setting F8 and 25-30 second exposure to start with and see how you go on.

Art is all about experimentation and this proves that a little patience and some skill can certainly give you perfect results if you keep trying.

Sparklers are of course still fireworks and get as hot as a standard blow torch so be sure to keep safe and a bucket of water should be available ready to drop expired sparklers into.

Keep safe and let us have any firework or sparkler pictures or video and we will feature it.

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