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Soundproof Dog Kennel. Protecting your Pooch this 4th July


They do say that necessity is the mother of invention and as is often the case, a British company has created the first sound-proofed dog kennel.

This is the ideal gift for animal lovers as fireworks are the cause of great distress to some dogs due to the loud bangs and whistles.

The company from Hadleigh in Essex made the UZOO ‘Quiet Kennel’ which claims to reduce the noise within the confines of the structure by up to 85%. Costing a not inconsiderable £500.00 ($800) the triple glazed polycarbonate structure helps to keep them calm.

There are also a number of other options available which will aid in creating a place or area of familiarity and comfort for your pet.

The options are varied and include keeping the dog in a room with soft lighting and a radio playing calming music like easy listening or soft classical. Once again, beware of what you are playing as they don’t want a rendition of the 1812 overture being played at full blast now do they?

Even if your pet is not showing any real signs of distress, the loud bangs and whistles can damage their ears or their central nervous system.

One of the biggest issues around the 4th July in the USA is missing pets. There are more reports of missing animals at this time of the Year than at any other time. Pets will try to run away from the noise and often end up disorientated resulting is a missing loved pet. Ensure that your pet is wearing identification or is chipped to enable swift return if they get away.

There are also a number of holistic remedies which may help in keeping your pet quiet called ‘calming essences’ as well as the more medicated versions which are available from your veterinary surgeon. Click here for more details.

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