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Slow Motion Sparkler Video

Slow Motion Sparkler Video

You should always be particularly vigilant if you are using sparklers because although they are a truly beautiful thing, like all fireworks they must be handled with care.

As shown in the above video, whilst the film is in slow motion, you can clearly see that a naked flame takes a long while to heat up the chemicals in the sparkler before it erupts.

There have been a number of tests carried out over the years and sparklers are able to reach temperatures of up to 1600 degrees centigrade or 3000 degrees Fahrenheit which is around the same temperature as a meteor entering earth’s atmosphere or as a blow torch

Sparklers should never be used by children under five and all other ages should be only under strict supervision.

Here are a few tips to help you to use sparklers safely:

• Store in a cool dry place
• Light one sparkler at a time
• Wear gloves
• Do not allow children with loose, floaty clothing to use sparklers - they can catch the clothing and set it alight
• Never give to under 5’s
• In an emergency, cool the burn for around 10 minutes and cover with cling film and get advice from a GP or A&E Department

Sparklers are used in a number of different circumstances nowadays so if you are attending a wedding or a bonfire display, bear the recommendations in mind and keep sparkler safe.

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