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Slow Motion Fireworks, 210 frames per second, cooooool

Whilst the human mind working together with the optic nerve can distinguish 10-12 separate images per second, these days most T.V and film you watch would be filmed at 25 frames per second to give the illusion of seamless images. Increase the frame rate and hey presto, slower video.

This footage was filmed at a fast 210 frames per second and gives our visionary senses time to study each image separately, mull it over in our heads and move on to the next.

At these film speeds, fireworks especially, give us a new insight as to what happens at each stage of the pyrotechnics “show” from the gradual lift to the blossoming of the burst.

Watch and enjoy as Crossett’s burst out at almost eight and a half times slower than you would usually watch them at.

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