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Skullcrusher 200 shot fireworks by Marvel Fireworks

Marvel Fireworks have done it again. Just when you thought you could not pack any more weird and wonderful sound effects into a SIB (single ignition barrage) the amazing Skullcrusher pushes the boundaries even further. The hummers in this one are really unique, we have never heard a sound quite like it from a firework (or anywhere else for that matter) before.

Heres the review:

Marvel Fireworks makes another hit with this amazing 200 shot single ignition barrage. With a duration of just 45 seconds this has a high intensity and after a steady start it really builds up the pace. Crazy and unique hummers and brilliant whistles make this a very unusual barrage and definitely one for noise lovers. Coloured pearls lead onto large swirling silver tails and this accompanies bursting red waves and red and green stars with silver glitter. This is a great fast-paced and busy barrage and the sound effects make it a winner every time.

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