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Skull and Bones: How to Use Fireworks

Skull and Bones: How to Use Fireworks

In Skull and Bones, fireworks provide a fun and engaging way to interact with other players. They are purely cosmetic and don't deal any damage but can be used to greet others, celebrate victories, or simply show off your flair on the high seas.

Here’s a guide on how to use fireworks in the game.

How to Equip Fireworks

  1. Open the Action Wheel: To start, you need to open the action wheel by pressing the action wheel button. This button can be found in your keybind settings, depending on the control system you are using.
  2. Edit the Action Wheel: With the action wheel open, you'll see an option to edit it. Press this button to enter the editing screen where you can customise the wheel.
  3. Select a Slot: In the editing screen, choose an empty slot where you want to place the fireworks.
  4. Choose Fireworks: Navigate to the cosmetic section within the editing screen. Here, you will see all the fireworks you currently own. Click on the desired firework to equip it to the chosen slot on your action wheel.
  5. Use Fireworks: To launch the fireworks, open the action wheel again and press the button associated with the firework slot. You can cycle between up to three wheels, giving you plenty of space to organise your items and actions.


It's a good idea to place fireworks on the second or third wheel. This leaves the first wheel available for more essential items like food, repair kits, and other utilities.

Where to Get Fireworks

When you first begin playing Skull and Bones, your inventory might not include many fireworks, especially if you aren’t using the premium edition of the game. To obtain more fireworks:

  1. Visit the Store: You can purchase fireworks from the in-game store, which is accessible from the main menu. This is a quick way to get a variety of fireworks.
  2. Ship Menu at Outposts: Another method is to dock your ship at an outpost and access the ship menu. Within this menu, select Ship Cosmetics and then navigate to the fireworks section on the left side. This section will show all available fireworks along with the methods to acquire them, whether through purchase or in-game rewards.

Additional Tips for Using Fireworks

  • Coordinate with Crew: If you are playing with friends or other players, coordinating your fireworks displays can make for a more impressive and unified show.
  • Celebrate Achievements: Use fireworks to mark special moments in the game, such as the successful capture of a ship, completion of a mission, or to celebrate after a tough battle.
  • Show Off Your Style: Fireworks can be a way to show off your personal style or your crew’s identity. Customise them to match your ship’s colours or your pirate flag for a more cohesive look.

By following these steps and tips, you can effectively use fireworks in Skull and Bones to enhance your gameplay experience and interactions with other players. Enjoy the festive and decorative flair they bring to your adventures on the high seas.

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