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Skegness in lights this Summer

Skegness in lights this Summer

AWESOME fireworks, lights and music on the beach will be the exciting new backdrop for the illumination switch-on in Skegness this July. East Lindsey District Council believes it will be 'one of the most exciting events in Skegness' history' when the lights are switched on during a firework and music display at the beach by The World Famous, the company responsible for the opening fireworks at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

There was anger at last Wednesday's meeting of Skegness Town Council when councillors, confused by a briefing sent by ELDC, believed the switch-on ceremony had been cancelled.

But ELDC has assured the event will go ahead but at the beach, not the Clock Tower.

The switch-on, one of the biggest events of the year, will be part of the SO 2009, a £250,000 festival funded by the Arts Council, to make it a weekend of activities.

Communications officer James Gilbert said: "It's always been clear to us the local community is passionate about the traditional illuminations switch-on in Skegness around the Clock Tower.

"It is also clear from speaking to various organisations in the town they want us to look at ways of developing and attracting new high quality activities and events that are not available elsewhere and that bring new people into the resort to support the local economy.

"The SO 2009 event aims to blend the old and the new to achieve both aims."

Mayor of Skegness Coun Pat Phillips said: "I would rather it was at the Clock Tower like it used to be, but as long as we still have the parade and the traditional occasion people come for I think it will be good. With the two events combined I think it should be quite a sensational event and will hopefully bring a lot more people into the resort."

The switch-on will take place after an operatic performance at the Embassy Theatre is screened on the beach. But chairman of Skegness and District Chamber of Commerce Glenis Brown said: "What has an opera got to do with kids coming to see a switch on?"

An announcement is expected shortly about who will flick the switch, and a full itinerary for the SO 2009 festival will be revealed.

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