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Six Machine Barrage - 96 Shots of Mayhem

Six Machine Barrage - 96 Shots of Mayhem

The sensational and cheekily named Six machine is one of the most popular fireworks that was introduced into the Epic Fireworks range last year. This meaty barrage has 29mm bore tubes and each one is loaded six times (hence the name) with different effects in every tube. Last November at Sultans Shindig we lit 12 of these at the same time and the effect was EPIC.

This year, in our never-ending quest, to beat everything seen previously we may just have to light 24 of them to see what that looks like. Also planned for this year is the 100 Sky Thriller Rocket Launch Finale which will be thrown up at the end of our next big display. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for further details

Each shot rises into the air and then breaks 6 times! Producing an incredible aerial display of silver peonies, crackles, red falling leaves, strobing silver stars and falling stars with loud bangs all the way! This is unbelievable value and quality from this excellent 16 shot firework barrage.

EpicFireworks - 6 Machine - 96 Shot

16 shots, each breaking 6 times equals 96 loud bursts of colour and excitement. We love this firework and we know you will too.

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