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Sirotechnics Are Set To Fire A Huge Aerial Fireworks Display From The Top Of The Royal Victoria Park On Friday The 28th May

Big Firework Shell Break

Epic Fireworks have just learnt that Bath will be having a huge Aerial Fireworks Display from the top of the Royal Victoria Park on Friday the 28th May.

The Firework Display is to mark the start of the Bath international music festival and can be seen for free by everyone in the town centre. The display will use over 700 shells, ranging from sizes of 2" to 8", featuring a huge mix of colours and shapes and the finale will close the show with a huge golden and crackling end.

The display is being set up and fired by Sirotechnics in conjunction with Northern Lights Fireworks. Sirotechnics will be filming this extravaganza and we will be bringing the video to you in HD very soon!

Sirotechnics are a new exciting display company offering displays of any size from Wedding Fireworks to huge Corporate Firework Displays like this one in Bath.

Awesome Firework Photo

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