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Set your Feet on Fire! (Not Literally)

Set your Feet on Fire! (Not Literally)

HOW do you spice up a regular old bonfire night community event. By adding fireworks? Well of course, that goes without saying.

But the town of Winchester has another idea up its sleeve for this Guy Fawkes Night.

To raise money for local charities, the Winchester Round Table has come up with a novel and intriguing idea, they will be asking local volunteers to raise sponsorship money for.....FIREWALKING!

That's right, the good citizens of Winchester are being asked to sponsor their neighbours to watch them walk barefoot over red hot coals of fire!

Winchesters Annual Fireworks Evening attracts people from across Hampshire and this year is expected to be a big success. Although it was a close call. Winchester Round Table has confirmed the event after having difficulties raising funds for last year’s display because of the credit crunch.

“We receive no funding from the council, the event can be run only on the basis of donations from our local businesses and the proceeds from programme sales.”

The extravaganza, on Saturday, November 7, will include a torchlit procession along the high street, a bonfire and, of course, fireworks.

So if you live in Winchester and think you have feet of steel why not get a sponsorship form and start raising money now. and don't forget the blister cream!

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