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Screaming Spiders Barrage, a classic by Epic Fireworks

EpicFireworks.- screaming spiders

Above: many fireworks enthusiasts dream, a big pile of Screaming Spiders.

The Screaming Spiders Barrage by Epic Fireworks is very possibly the best single ignition barrage you will ever see in the UK.

A stunning 2 stage mine bursting cake with huge breaks, loud reports and screaming jets.

Fast fired and quick fused this barrage really does have it all, golden tails, willow breaks, glittering confetti, crackling comets, screaming tourbillions, blue peonies, dragons eggs and flashing strobes.

A two-stage mine with large reports breaking into the sky producing golden tails with willow effect bursts, massive jet screams, glittering confetti, crackling comet tails to tourbillions with blue peonies, dragon’s eggs and strobes with a 10 shot multi-break finale.

This has been described as a masterpiece, artistry and perfection in fireworks. All we know is it is one of our most popular fireworks of all time and a must have for your display.

Screaming Spiders Stats:

No. of Shots ——100

Effect ————– crackles, strobes, spinners, glitter, mines, waves

Colour ————- blue, silver, red, green, gold

Duration ———– 55 seconds

Calibre ————-21mm

EpicFireworks - The magnificent Screaming Spiders

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