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Scheveningen International Fireworks Competition

Scheveningen International Fireworks Competition

WHEN: Saturday 16th August, Sunday 17th August, Saturday 23rd August, and Sunday 24th August 2014
WHERE: Scheveningen Pier, Strandweg
VIEWING FROM: Scheveningen Beach

The 34th edition of Scheveningen International Fireworks competition draws around 150,000 visitors to the area annually.

Several countries participate and there are strict rules on the firework competition and the entrants:

• 80% of fireworks produced in their own Country
• 11 – 13 minute display
• Same budget for all competitors

The event is held on Scheveningen Beach in the town of Dan Haag over two consecutive weekends:

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th August 2014.
Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th August 2014.

Other attractions include:

• Fire-eaters
• Jugglers
• Dancers
• Musical performances

Participants in this year’s event are:

Friday, August 16:
21:45 pm: Fireworks Belgium
22:30: Fireworks Germany

Saturday, August 17:
21:45 pm: Fireworks Austria
22:30: Fireworks China

Friday, August 23:
21:45 pm: Fireworks Spain
22:30: Fireworks Korea

Saturday, August 24:
21:45 pm: Fireworks Japan
22:30: Fireworks Netherlands

The show should be in the region of 10-13 minutes of consistent sky filling display fireworks. The end result of the competition is usually confirmed at around 23:30 on the final day of competition.

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