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Scared Dog Audio

We at Epic are all animal friendly and as many of you know, Bruce, the German Shepherd is one of the team, but more importantly, one of the family. It is therefore always something of interest when a product comes onto the market to protect our furry friends from firework fear.

The latest product is the ‘Scared Dog Audio Program’ which states that it can help your dog overcome fears and phobias to more than 40 different environmental noises. For example:

• Fireworks
• Gunshots
• Thunder
• Sirens
• Motorcycles
• Lawn mower
• Car alarm
• Chainsaw
• Drums
• General household items – washer, hoover, hair-dryer

The premise of the product is de-sensitization ultimately as the instructions are to ‘play the audio at a very low volume that is barely audible to you’. This will allow your dog to hear the audio without being started or afraid. However, you should not leave your dog alone when introducing this training/desensitization program.

From the outset, you should play the sound in short intervals and continue to entertain, praise and treat your dog. Remember that exercise releases endorphins in dogs, just like humans and therefore reduces nervousness, stress and anxiety.

If you slowly increase the audio length and sound over a period of time, you will notice that the dog appears less fearful. On occasion, however, your dog may show signs of distress. DON’T sympathise. Instead, reward with verbal and stimulating praise like playing with special toys or giving special treats as you are looking to get your dog to associate loud noise with positive things.

Be sure to play the audio in different areas of the home so that the dog doesn't associate the fear with a set place.

The end product should be a happy dog which is no longer fearful of loud noise and if done correctly, will improve your dogs ‘temperament as they will simply treat the noise with indifference.

Creator, Amy Morford who is a dog training specialist with 15 years experience in training Companion Dogs, Sports and Working Breeds.

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