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WHEN: 11TH – 18TH AUGUST 2019

If you’re a fireworks lover of any kind, then this is a festival that you must not miss.

Not only is it the fireworks festival in Sebastian, but also the celebrations are underway from Great Week or “Semana Grande” in Spanish, you may also hear it referred to Aste Nagusia as this is the Basque name for the celebration. 2019 will be a weeklong party with lots planned there is something for all the family to enjoy.

The official opening of the festival is the ceremonial firing of the cannon in Alderdi Eder gardens in the evening around 7pm. You will see fires in many areas of the city the most common places are the Paseo de la Concha and surrounding streets, but wherever you visit during this time there is an abundance of activities and things to do and see. Music performances, street parties, concerts, sports activities plus much more. And the highlight and the biggest event of the week towards the end of the celebration. This is when the International fireworks competition takes place, Scores of locals and visitors flock to the city to witness worldwide participants compete against each other in a chance to win the famous “conchade oro” prize.

The competition is held on La concha beach, but you can also view the fireworks from other points around the city as well such as Zurriola Beach, Urgull Mount or from the port as well. If you want to watch from the beach it is advised to get there early as it can become quite crowded, this is a prime viewing spot. Not only is the Concha beach known as one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, but the fireworks and the reflections on the sea making it a magnificent display and 2 shows for the price of one.

Each night of the week a different competitor will take their artwork to the skies showing off the colours and effects to the best of their abilities to entertain and capture the audience. Competing this year are as follows:

Saturday 10th August – Pyrotecnic Valecea (Araba/ Alava)

Sunday 11th August – Ciels En Fete (France)

Monday 12th August – Scarcella Fireworks (Italy)

Tuesday 13th August – Pirotecnia Vulcano (Madrid)

Wednesday 14th August – Pirotecnia Gironina (Valencia)

Thursday 15th August – IP Innovative (Germany)

Friday 16th August – Hermanos Caballer Pirotenicos (Castellon)

Saturday 17th August – Pirotecnia Ricasa (Valencia)

On the final day of the competition, the votes are cast by the public and the jury and the award ceremony takes place. To end the evening with a bang the crowds are then treated to special pyro musical display.

With plenty of things to see and do around this week if you can’t make the official start of the celebrations, and you are going to be in Spain, make sure that the fireworks are in your diaries as this is one competition that does not disappoint.

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