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Everything You Need To Know about Saltfest 2024

Everything You Need To Know about Saltfest 2024

Prepare for a night of dazzling lights and reduced decibels as Saltfest gears up for its 2024 Fireworks Display.

This fantastic annual event promises another day packed full of fun, family friendly things to do, all set in the picturesque backdrop of Vines Park in Droitwich, and we've got everything you need to know to make the most of this great day out.

Date and Time

The festival kicks off on Wed 28th Aug at 6.30pm and finishes on Sunday 1st at 9:30pm.

For all you firework fans out there, the important date to mark in your calendars is Sunday, September 1st, the day of their annual firework display.

Location & Getting There

Vines Park, Droitwich, welcomes visitors through multiple gates – Gate One (Vines Lane), Gate Two (Saltway), and Gate Three (B4065). Car drivers and public transport users alike can easily access the festival grounds.

  • For car drivers, convenient access points are Gate One (Vines Lane), Gate Two (Saltway), and Gate Three (B4065).
  • Buses running via Saltway Bus stop Saltway Waitrose offer an alternative transportation option.
  • Train travelers arriving at Droitwich Spa train station can enjoy a scenic 10-minute walk along the canal to Vines Park Gate Two.

This Years Saltfest Fireworks Display

Saltfest is proud to announce that this year's display will feature low-noise fireworks, with decibels reduced to approximately 75% of previous events. The move aims to minimise animal disturbance, aligning with Saltfest's commitment to sustainability.

Saltfest has collaborated with Dynamite Fireworks, a professional display company with a string of awards to its name. And the two have been working together over the past seven months to create a visually stunning and environmentally conscious spectacle for you all to enjoy this year.

As well as the implementation of low-noise fireworks, the display will also be split between two locations, which will help to reduce the noise levels and also enhance the experience for the entire town.

This year, Saltfest invites you to join in the celebration, revel in the festivities, and witness a fireworks display that combines entertainment with a commitment to the environment. Remember, there's no such thing as silent fireworks, but Saltfest's low-noise approach promises a spectacular show with reduced impact on our furry friends.

As a special addition, a small display over St. Andrews Church will complement the main event. Buckets will be passed around during the night to collect funds for St. Andrews roof appeal, showcasing the community's support for local causes.

What Else Is Happening at Saltfest?

The festival offers a diverse lineup of activities for all ages across the 5 day event. For example on the Sunday there's a dog show at 10am, a kids magic show on stage at 1pm, a brass band at 2pm the exciting duck race on Salwarp River at 4pm, and obviously the highly anticipated fireworks display at 8:30pm.

The day also features pony rides, boat rides, a fun fair, face painting, tea craft, shopping and fitness villages, a mini-golf disco, artisan food and drinks, a bar, and a food hall – all open from 10 am onwards.

Plus, there's more still to be annouced, so it's safe to say, you won't be bored at Saltfest 2024 this year.

To stay up to date with future updates and to see the full festival line up up head to the Saltfest website.



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