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Royal Australian Navy Fireworks Spectacular

Royal Australian Navy Fireworks Spectacular

This Saturday the night sky over Sydney Harbour will be alight with beautiful fireworks and complex laser light show that the area has ever seen.

The Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review is likely to be one of the biggest events on the calendar as they host a massive programme of events. The highlight of the event though is definitely billed to be the huge 30-minute fireworks show.

The fireworks are to be set off from vantage points across the city, on rooftops, barges and of course on the decks of some of the Royal Australian Navy warship vessels moored in the Harbour. The event, to celebrate 100 years of the very proud history of the Navy and commemorates the arrival of the original seven warships entering the harbour in 1913.

The show is to start at approximately 7:40pm and the fireworks will be choreographed to music composed and created by the RAN’s Director of Music, Lieutenant Commander Paul Cottier.

Billed to be something that Australia and the rest of the watching world will never forget, it might be worth a sneaky look.

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