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Rocket Mania Deluxe Firework Game

Fireworks game Rocket Mania Deluxe, free to download online.

This brilliant little puzzle game involves you connecting all the fuses before the time runs out so the rockets are launched and the crowd is pleased. Yes, its your classic light the rockets before dawn with a handy dragon guide game. We have seen it all before. This one does it very well though.

This is a great little puzzle game and is very addictive. We all know the satisfaction of lighting fireworks. Now imagine doing it as a wee dragon helps you along and you can quickly see how this will be the best game you play online today.

* Simple, Addictive Gameplay
* 3 Unique Game Modes - Classic, Arcade and Strategy
* Beautiful Full-Screen Graphics
* Adjustable Difficulty Settings
* Explosive Sound Effects

What more do you want? Connect the fuses, launch the rockets, entertain the crowds and keep the dragon happy (good advice for life in general).

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