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Brisbane, Australia is the venue for one of the Country’s biggest fireworks extravaganza’s this side of the New Year celebrations.

The Brisbane Sunsuper Riverfire festival is in the midst of its 16th year and the celebrations came to a head at yesterday’s finale.

Months of organisation goes into the event and the music takes a very long time to get right as they try to get a mixture of genre’s into the playlist to make sure it is fresh and exciting. They try to ensure that the music captures the overall ethos of the Country but in particular local artists as well as those from across Australia and reflects the diversity of its residents and mixed cultural past.

The finale show included a massive number of events including a fun fair, concession stands and of course a number of fabulous aerial displays in aeroplane’s and helicopters and closed with the fireworks.

All the pyrotechnics were set up on the 3 bridges, the tops of buildings and on board the barges on the river. Visitors were treated to 30 minutes of non-stop fireworks from around 7.00pm last night.

Last year the fireworks launched from the bridge were absolutely spectacular along with the massive shell breaks launched from buildings and barges. Speakers are strategically located along the 2-kilometre long display area to relay the music which is set to perfectly accompany the firework display.

This is one of the premier events in the Brisbane calendar and a great family event to attend.

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