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Retro Standard Fireworks Poster

Standard Fireworks Poster - Epic Fireworks

Here is a fantastic image of an old fireworks poster. This shows many classic items that some of you may remember from your childhood, such as Mine of Serpents, Snow Storm, Robot Signals (the old name for traffic lights), Jack in the Box, Guy Fawkes Barrel and many many more. You can see them in more detail by clicking the image which will take you to the Epic Fireworks Flickr pages, you can then zoom in and see them in all their glory.

Fireworks packaging has always been important and the bright colours and interesting designs are definitely part of what sells a firework. This is still true today, however with the advancement of the internet and the ability to see videos of fireworks before you buy them, the packaging and labelling have become less important and the quality of effect has taken the first place as the most important thing people look for when buying fireworks.

It’s just as well that Epic Fireworks continues to be the UK's leading supplier of high-end pyrotechnics. We never compromise on quality and believe that every firework you buy should be the very best possible. That's, why we have hundreds of videos of fireworks on Youtube for you to compare and our website, is always kept up to date with our latest barrages and rockets, wheels and fountains, and mines and roman candles, so you know you are buying the best.

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