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This year’s International Firework Competition saw the finale take place on Saturday 6th July and it left JoHo Pyro from Finland taking on the UK’s representatives, the mighty Pyrotex Fireworx head to head in the skies over Danang.

After a month of competition taking place every Saturday throughout June, the finale was certainly going to thrill the huge number of visitors to the region. Through the competition, there were 7.6 million visitors of which almost 3 million were from overseas.

Pyrotex Fireworx from the UK were first up to fire on Saturday night into a beautifully clear sky. Their choices of material were as always very symmetrical. Not a fan of dragon eggs (I feel it kills off everything else in the sky at the same time) but that said they were nicely placed.

The musical accompaniment certainly hit the mark when it came to the theme running through the competition ‘Stories by the Rivers’ by clearly reflecting the beauty, colour and history of the importance of the waterways through the UK.

The triple break shells were exceptional but some of the ground effects appeared to have a split-second timing issue on the right-hand side. The display was truly beautiful throughout and the stunning finale featured more of the super bright titanium flashes which the crowds certainly appreciated.

Next to fire, JoHo Pyro from Finland. This team were competing in DIFF for the very first time and were naturally thrilled to reach the final. The opening was a little slow in my opinion but once the sky and ground were filled, it was stunning. Huge triple break shells, golden fanned ground effects and strobing titanium silver and green effects hung in the air for an age. Spirals, crossettes, and some gorgeous blue and white fish filled the skies over the Han River. An astonishingly good display with a great use of pyro and the choreography was amazing. The team told the story of sailors attempting to ‘Conquer the Seas’ and they used more than 10,000 pieces for their 20-minute display.

The overall winners were Joho Pyro from Finland who were judged to have put on an ‘Elegant’ show. Congratulations to both teams for beating off some of the best pyrotechnicians in the world to reach the final.

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