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Recycling Pyro Mesh - Squirrel Feeder

Recycling Pyro Mesh - Squirrel Feeder

Here is another idea for your recycled pyro mesh - a bird/squirrel feeder :)

All you need is the following:

1 x old saucepan lid

1 x pyro mesh

1 x old silicone gun

All we did was cut a rectangle piece of pyro mesh with some tin snips (please be extra careful as there are many sharp pointy bits) and rolled the pyro mesh so it sat in the saucepan lid.

We then used some spent sparklers and used the sparkler wire to hold the pyro mesh together by twisting the wire.

We then used the old silicone gun handle and screwed the handle into the saucepan lid.

And there you have it, a homemade recycled feeder.

If you can think of any other ideas that we could do using the pyro mesh, please leave a comment below :)

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