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Record breaking fireworks at Japans katakai firework festival 2009.

Record breaking fireworks at Japans katakai firework festival 2009.

The katakai firework festival took place last week in Japan and as usual, the crowd were severely impressed by the record-breaking fireworks that are lit there each year.

The biggest fireworks (a stunning 800m in radius) in the world, according to the authoritative Guinness Book of Records, illuminated the entire sky both nights that the festival occurred (9th and 10th of September 2009). Interestingly, sponsors are local people wishing for their family's health, longevity, happiness and other desirable things, which we find here at epic utterly captivating, for people to pay their own money for fireworks to show other people they care is something I think we should all take on board.

Katakai is well known for the 4-shakudama, which is believed to be the largest firework shell in the world. The firework that creates a flower with an 800-meter diameter was set off from the top of the mountain and apparently overwhelms spectators for its power and bang that reverberates through the mountains.

Check out this video from the night, and I hope you enjoy these massive bursts of colour from the record-breaking shell as much as I did.

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