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Queens Jubilee

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Unlike other celebrations that come around yearly, the Queen's Jubilee comes after 60 years. This year's Diamond Jubilee celebration by our dear Queen Elizabeth II is between the 2nd and 5th June 2012. This will be the second Diamond Jubilee in the history of the United Kingdom.

This year, the government has planned to mark this special occasion with a one-off additional bank holiday on the 5th of June, thus allowing a special four day Jubilee weekend. Communities across the UK, from all sections of the society, come together to celebrate the events of the last 60 years, lifting the national spirit, national pride, tourism, trade, neighbourhood interaction and quality family time.

Whilst preparations are being made in various counties, at different levels across Great Britain for the celebration, I believe that we should recognise (the Queens) 60 years of selfless public service with events that can properly express our admiration and gratitude. Such events no doubt end up with loud and colourful bangs. There are daytime and nighttime fireworks best designed for such occasion - Simply visit Epic Fireworks is the UK's biggest and best fireworks shop open 7 days a week.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration, will in no small measure, cheer us up in these austere times. I urge everyone to make the most use of it.

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