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Pyro Magazine

Pyro Magazine

Our friend in the industry, Tony, has created a new and innovative concept to come in line with our love of techie devices – the first fully digital Pyro Magazine.

The magazine will be available to download anywhere in the World via either Google Play, Amazon Appstore or iTunes store completely free.

The magazine will feature up to the minute articles written by some of the leading names in the fireworks industry and other guest speakers connected with pyro, whether they are display specialists, manufacturers or importers.

The publication will be beautifully produced and formatted to make the best use of the digital imagery to be displayed. Whilst some of the data will be in a traditional column grid as you would get in any other medium, you will also see some other parts with scrolling images or indeed interactive parts. Furthermore, within some of the articles, wherever possible, video footage/links will be available via YouTube and Vimeo.

Anyone wishing to advertise will be able to include links to products and their own websites and given the interactive nature of the publication, it is a user-friendly site housing more content than a standard printed magazine too.

The first version will be launched fully on 1st May 2014.

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