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Puttur Bedi - Western India Fireworks Delight 1000s

Puttur Bedi - Western India Fireworks Delight 1000s

'Puttur Bedi,' a show of fireworks, which is traditionally held on the last day of the week-long annual car festival of ancient Mahatobhara Malaingeshwara Temple in Western India, was held on the night of Friday, April 17. Children and elders alike, who had been eagerly awaiting this grand celebration, watched in awe and elation, as colourful firecrackers carved out designs in the sky and made different noises.

The car festival of the temple, one of the oldest in the region, believed to have been built in the twelfth century, was given initiation on April 1 with 'Gone Muhoorta'. The festival started on April 10, with the ‘Dhwajarohana’ ritual. For a week, processions of the Lord’s idol were taken around. After the 'Devarabali' ritual in the morning on Friday, the beautifully decorated chariot of the Lord was pulled at night. This was followed by 'Puttur Bedi'. A fantastic fireworks display that was greeted with song and cheer.

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