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Prom Palace - Music For The Royal Fireworks

Prom Palace - Music For The Royal Fireworks

Music for the Royal Fireworks.

The music is a suite composed for the wind section of an orchestra back in the 18th century by Handel.

Way back in the day, the ‘Music For The Royal Fireworks’ was played in conjunction with the fireworks but sadly, the pyro was a huge let down as the wooden building housing the orchestra which had been lavishly decorated for the occasion collapsed after catching fire during the event.

Of course, fireworks have held a lengthy association with the Royal Celebrations as the first recorded fireworks in England were used in 1486 at the wedding of King Henry VII and in later years, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1558, the staff employed her majesty included a fireworks master.

George Frideric Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks Overture -- La Paix, La Rejouissance - performed at the Queen's Concerts, Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty the Queen during her Golden Jubilee in 2002 - BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Band of her majesty's Royal Marines conducted by Sir Andrew Davis.

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