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Professional Rocket Box 3

Epic Professional Rocket Box 3

It’s in! The long-awaited addition to Epic Fireworks rocket collection. The Pro Rocket Box 3 contains 37 high-performance rockets. Including some of the favourites and best seller from last year, along with some new additions that we are sure are going to “take off”!!

Past masters:-

Heat Seeker Rockets – popular amongst connoisseurs for the fantastic vivid colours.
Mega Rockets – our best selling rocket pack ever.
Thunder Blast Rockets – colourful and loud.
Old favourites die hard and they make a welcome appearance here in this rocket selection.


Hurricane, Typhoon and Torpedo – 3 incredible display rockets with large breaks and strong colours.

Green, Red and Blue Ball Head Rockets – Did someone say “tennis ball on a stick”? These are massive and guaranteed to impress with amazing coloured chrysanthemum effects.

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