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Pro Rocket Box 2

epic fireworks - professional rocket box 2

Included in the Professional Rocket Box 2:

12 x Supreme Rockets – perhaps the best small rockets on the market today

21 x Mega Rockets – the best selling rocket pack of 2009

5 x Heat Seeker Rockets – beautiful coloured dahlia effects

5 x Space Blaster Rockets – massive bursts that defy believe

5 x Thunder Blast Rockets – loud bangs and crackles and glitter

5 x Super Starburst Rockets – very colourful and good loud bangs

5 x Echo Bomb Rockets – nothing but loud loud loud bangs

For incredible value, quality and design, the Professional Rocket Box 2 is the best bargain in rockets in the UK. At just £69.95 per box, that works out at an average of only £1.20 per rocket.

Where else in the country could you get this quality of rockets at this price? Nowhere, that’s why we are called Epic Fireworks. Remember, every rocket in this pack is 1.3G classification and guaranteed to bang louder than any rocket from a supermarket or garden centre. Try them for your display, you will not be disappointed.

For our full range of rockets visit and be prepared to be amazed.

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