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Prize Draw 2012 Update

Following on from another Epic year, we have drawn this year’s winner of the Prize Draw for £4000.00 (RRP value) of fireworks to one lucky person/organisation.

Unfortunately, despite phone calls to the landline and mobile and email to the lucky winner, they still have not been in touch. In light of this and the interest still being generated, we are going to allow the winner until November 30th to get in touch and then we will be forced to re-draw.

In the event that there is a re-draw, we want to make it fair, given that the original winner would have had all of the fireworks to themselves, we have decided that we will draw 4 winners and they will each receive £1000.00 (RRP value) of fireworks instead.

In order to win it though, you have to be in it so get yourselves registered on our website and your name will also be added to the draw for this fantastic prize.

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