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No matter where you go in Prague New Year’s Eve there will be drinks flowing, parties been held and of course our favourite fireworks!!

The river cruises, restaurants, clubs and bars are filled to the brim and the atmosphere gently builds as the clock approaches midnight. This is when the revellers gather around the city to watch the magnificent firework display.

There is something for everyone and the festivities are enjoyed by one and all young and old, wild and the carefree. Also, there is an abundance of entertainment options available where this be dinner, dancing, pub crawl or one of the popular river cruises available giving a different view to the city.

Whatever you choose to do in the run-up to the new year is fine with us but on a recommendation from ourselves, we say that make sure that 100% you do not miss out on the fireworks display to ring in the new year.

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to viewing points for the fireworks to make sure that your new year begins with a bang.

Prague New Year

The Charles Bridge is at the centre of the action and has stunning views of the fireworks from on the water. Get a postcard-perfect picture as the on one side there is the backdrop of the old town and on the other is the stunning Prague Castle. Join one of the many cruises that are available with food and drinks packages available.

With many riverside restaurants to choose from all of them having terraces, this is another place to view the fireworks. The higher side of the two is on the lesser town side but if you can’t get into any of the restaurants then you can make your way over to Petrin Hill near Prague Castle where you will still be able to catch a glimpse.

There are two squares to choose from Old Town and St Wenceslas: please note that this is classed as somewhere only for the more adventurous. The atmosphere starts off very sedate and slowly builds throughout the evening. As the clock strikes 12 this is when the action begins, and it can become pretty hair-raising. As the fireworks begin to let in the new year you will also see some of the locals setting off handheld fireworks so may sure that you keep an eye on these.

Wherever you decide to view the fireworks from just remember to arrive as early as possible and make sure that you stick to your place as it can become crowded very quickly.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that you stop and look skyward on the stroke of 12, so not to miss out on the fantastic firework display and fireworks to enter 2019 with a bang.

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