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Photos from the new site for Epic Fireworks

Building work at the Epic Fireworks new site

Building work is continuing at a fast rate at Epic Fireworks new HQ near Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Situated just of the M1 at junction 36 this is going to be the most impressive fireworks showroom and storage facility the UK has ever seen.

Jimmy surveying the work at the new Epic Fireworks store

Jimmy inspects the work as it progresses. Behind him, you can see the base for the packing shed freshly laid.

They always look so busy when the boss turns up for a surprise inspection. Here you can see part of the showroom.

The view from on-site, the entire site is about 5 acres and will contain a showroom housing the largest range of fireworks in the UK.

We look forward to seeing you all at the new site when it is finished this summer.

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