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While fireworks are a popular way to celebrate various occasions, they can be an unsettling experience for our beloved furry companions. The loud bangs and bright flashes can trigger anxiety and stress in pets, and some may even attempt to escape the commotion.

If you share your home with a pet, there are several steps you can take to ensure they have a comfortable experience during the fireworks display. Here are some helpful tips:

Choose Pet-Friendly Fireworks: Opt for fireworks specifically designed to be less noisy and visually stimulating, making them a more suitable choice for pets.

Create a Safe Haven: Identify a quiet and secure spot within your home where your pet can find solace during the fireworks. This could be a basement, bathroom, or a closet. Ensure all windows are closed, and turn on the TV or radio to muffle the external noise.

Provide Comfort and Reassurance: Stay by your pet's side during the fireworks and shower them with affection and attention. If they appear anxious, try to remain calm and offer soothing words. You can also try comforting them with gentle petting or treats.

Keep Them Indoors: It's best to keep your pet indoors throughout the fireworks display to prevent them from bolting or encountering potential dangers.

If you plan to set off fireworks yourself, always do so responsibly and safely. Always adhere to the safety instructions on the fireworks' packaging, and never ignite fireworks near pets or neighboring homes.

Here are some additional tips to make the fireworks experience more pleasant for your pet:

  • Offer your pet a light meal before the fireworks begin to reduce anxiety and minimise the risk of nausea.
  • Prioritise playtime and exercise with your pet before the fireworks start to help them burn off energy and feel more relaxed.
  • Take your dog for a walk before the fireworks commence to ensure they relieve themselves and reduce the likelihood of accidents during the display.
  • In your backyard, create a secure space for your pet, such as a doghouse or crate, stocked with cozy blankets and toys to keep them occupied.
  • For cat owners, bring your feline friend inside before the fireworks start, as cats are often more sensitive to the loud noises and may seek refuge or attempt to flee.
  • Be patient and understanding with your pet; it may take some time for them to acclimate to the sounds of fireworks.

By following these thoughtful guidelines, you can help make your bonfire night firework party a less distressing experience for your cherished pet.

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