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Perfect Weather For A Party

Perfect Weather For A Party

At last, it seems the summer is about to finally start.

Barbecues across the UK will be fired up, possibly for the first time this year as average temperatures across Britain are expected to reach a scorching 24 degrees, it’s time to put on your shorts, break out the factor 20, invite a few friends round and make the best of what might be another short-lived British summer.

We know from our customers, there are a lot of wedding displays planned in the next few days.

Summer Fireworks

Sunset will happen at approximately 21:18 with clear skies above, by 9:45pm darkness, should have set in giving you a full hour and fifteen minutes of pyro passion (as they have to be finished by 11pm) making it a perfect time to let off a few fireworks to make a memorable day with friends and loved ones.

Nothing makes a night more spectacular than some music, nice food, a drink or two and fireworks.

Stocking the UK’s biggest range of fireworks we have quiet fireworks, LOUD fireworks, from the size of a coke can to some the size of a small suitcase we have something for everyone no matter what your budget.

View all our fireworks in action on our website, or call our specialists who will be happy to put together a bespoke show for any budget, be the envy of your neighbours have a wild time and stay safe.

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