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Penny For The Guy

Epic Fireworks 2011 Display Packs - Penny For The Guy Pack

How about this for a bargain? Epic's Penny for the Guy selection, currently at £40.

So, what do you get for your 40 notes?

Firstly, you get the Brothers Companion box. This is an excellent selection of barrages and fountains that use the popular Brothers effects on a smaller scale - the fanned crackle barrage is an especially nice one. The fountains are cool too - and expect some whistle volume and intense crackles!

You also get no less than 22 rockets, the Thunder blasts being perhaps the coolest - but its all good!

And, a lantern as well!

So here for just a small price you get fountains, barrages and rockets - simply the best value for money there is for a small private show - and great fun on bonfire night!

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