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Pattaya International Fireworks Festival 2012

Pattaya firework festival 2011

Pattaya in Thailand plays host to the International Fireworks Festival once again this year.

Unfortunately, as opposed to the usual ten teams competing, this year there will only be four.

The Competition runs from 30th November – 1st December and features teams representing Canada, China, USA and Singapore. Each of the teams will compete for 45 minutes showing the best of their skills to the massive crowds that this event regularly draws.

This year, four Thai celebrities will represent one of the competing teams as their ‘Team Captain’.

The main event titled ‘Brighten Your Life’ will feature the fireworks show which takes place on the first day of Competition along the beach road which of course will have to be closed to traffic from around 3:30pm onwards.

Activities include:

Fireworks shows
3d painting
A parade
Cabaret type events
A concert
Concessionary booths
Local handicrafts and home-made products

International Fireworks Festival Pattaya 2012

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