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Passfire Update. 4 Days To Go.

Passfire Update. 4 Days To Go.

The ‘Passfire’ Documentary is seeking further support to ensure that they continue with their quest to create the ultimate documentary and series about fireworks.

Their work has taken them to any number of countries and regions to make sure that they take in as many firework related festivals as possible.

We have highlighted in previous blog posts the Veverka brothers have visited more than a dozen countries and shot over 300 hours of footage, but they haven’t finished just yet.

They still need to film in Mexico, Spain, Italy, Greece, Africa and some parts of the Middle East. Any lovers of fireworks are aware of how brilliant they are and just how much they are utilised, particularly in relation to religious festivals in Spain and Greece.

We sincerely hope that they manage to reach their funding target. If you would like more information about the film, the brothers or indeed details of how and where to donate to the cause, we recommend that you contact them directly. You may do this via the following link:

Good Luck Jessie and Jeremy.

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