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Party Time

Craig Dont Mess About

We all love fireworks - thats why we are here, right? (Here - as in here on this website - not here as in "here on this planet!" There ARE other things in life that are not fireworks...). But of course, we all love fireworks, and we all love to do our own shows... again, thats why you browse consumer websites and that is why you choose to buy your pyro from the best firework suppliers!

But why not make your fireworks display into an evening? Nothing beats a nice party atmosphere, and for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of your guests take a few tips from the world wide web! Some of these might sound a bit American, so please excuse us...!

1. Always have napkins!
2. Always have some music playing - people expect it!
3. Cater, cater cater!
4. People love nibbles. Sweet treats, cakes and cookies will go down well with your guests.
5. And some fruit for the healthy! Sliced apple, grapes and orange slices are always popular.
6. Be the host! Chat to people, introduce people, and keep smiling.

(Hijack of point 6 here - if you are doing fireworks as well, get someone else to do the smiley hosting part!)

7. Give your guests something to take home with them.
8. Always clear up the same night - never wait until morning.

And so, that sounds good to me. If you are feeling a bit more English, or even better, a bit more Northern, it can boil down to this.

Drinking Games

1. 'Ave some wipes fo t'fingers.
2. Stick t'radio on.
3. GRUB!
4. PIES!
5. Erm...
6. Chat to t'lads and lassies.
7. Let them take their rubbish home with them.
8. Stick rest in't bin bags.

LOL! Above all, it's your party, have fun with it, and it is what you make of it! Oh, and start planning now - anyone doing pies on Buy one get one free....??

Craig and the gang

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