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Parente Fireworks Win The Da Nang Fireworks International Competition 2012

The fifth Da Nang International Fireworks competition has once again shown that it is going to be around for a good few years to come yet.

For the second year, Italy have clinched the title of winner of the 2012 competition, beating off stiff competition from the home team from Vietnam, Canada, France and China. Italy is now champion of champions.

The Italian display was nothing short of beautiful and was watched in awe by over 32 thousand spectators. The display lit up the Han River for 23 minutes to put them on the winner's podium again.

The performance named ‘Da Nang Rainbow’ on 30th April 2012 was designed by Parente Fireworks and lit up the sky of this multicultural coastal city with its beautiful offerings. The fantastic and utterly breathtaking display incorporated a multitude of ground and aerial effect shells to the wonderment of the gathered crowds.

The French team staged a performance entitled legend of Marble Mountain with the message ‘let your heart lead the way and arouse your senses’ which they clearly achieved when they reached second on the winners rostrum, sharing with China with their story from ‘the land of cherry blossoms portraying peace, happiness and harmony in society.

As a result of this International competition, Da Nang is now recognised as one of the forerunners in the fireworks calendar raising its tourism numbers by a staggering 400,000 since the competition began in 2008.

The final standings were as follows:

1. Italy – Parente fireworks
2. France and China – Jacques Couturier Organisation and Liuyang Dancing Fireworks Group Co., Ltd
3. Canada and Vietnam - David Whysall International Fireworks Company and Team Da Nang representing Vietnam

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