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Outlawed Fireworks

Outlawed Fireworks

The very last thing a fireworks enthusiast wants to see.

In some places it is necessary to put firework lovers on a leash. Certain countries experience very hot and dry summers which leave the land like a tinderbox, ready to burn at the first sight of a stray spark or piece of red-hot debris.

Here in Britain we can only feel sorry for our neighbours from warmer climes. What do they do when they want to set off fireworks? Surely it is hell.

The key questions that immediately arise for the people who live in these places are:

  1. Is it hell?
  2. are you allowed to set off fireworks in the rain?
  3. is there a designated firework letting off area?
  4. why have you not moved?

Of course, safety is always a priority when fireworks are involved and in some cases, hard though it may be for us pyro-lovers, it simply is not safe to light fireworks.

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