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It has been said by many that our fireworks are “out of this world”, referring to the quality and the excitement that seems to accompany them whenever the sky needs filling with colour.

Now the Japanese are planning to take fireworks to a whole new level and truly out of this world.

We have seen some pretty amazing scenes when it comes to the opening of the Olympic Games, who remembers the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games with the rocket man.

One of the most controversial Olympic opening ceremonies was the 2008 Games when China had us all fooled – for a very short time with their footprints in the sky which were in some part CGI images for the televised event.

Dubbed “Sky Canvas” Tokyo based company “Star Ale” plan to launch up to 5000 small pellets made from different elements to produce diverse colours; these will be fired from a micro satellite high above the Earth. Following international agreements the launcher will be set to self-destruct after the display to prevent additional space debris.

When you consider each pellet measuring just a few millimeters across will cost around £5,500 each, then a satellite will have to be constructed to get the pellets into space and all the research costs involved it is not something that has been considered lightly.

The display itself will feature as one element of the opening ceremony for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan and it will be fired by the space craft from between 35 and 50 miles. The show will be visible for approximately 120 miles radius and is expected to be seen by 30,000,000 spectators.

Bring it on.

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