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Here at Epic Fireworks we obviously love looking at fireworks and have seen some of the best firework displays this year, however, we still find it hard year after year to decide where to actually go on bonfire night.

After much thought and deliberation, we decided on the best thing to do, for you and us. We searched and searched high and low, checked and double checked, and finally, we have come up with 2009s best firework displays and bonfires to see this year.


Below we have listed the place, the time, the venue and what is going on in 5 of the most popular cities in the UK on bonfire night.

We hope this helps you decide which magnificent display to visit, we may have narrowed it down to you but looking at what is on offer, you may still find it hard…

  • · First up Glasgow, and the famous Glasgow green firework display. As I am sure all of us have put on their own firework displays in back gardens or some choose to just hang out their windows and stare sky-wards, catching any displays that are bound to be going on nearby. However, if you fancy seeing a proper fireworks inferno then the largest organised display in Scotland is held on Glasgow Green every ‘Bonfire Night’ or ‘Guy Fawkes Night’. On the evening, around 50,000 spectators turn up to see more than 3,000 fireworks being let off, to a chorus of delighted ‘ooh’ing and ‘aah’ing. It’s probably not quite what Fawkes had in mind; however, it seems to do the trick in Scotland. Glasgow Fireworks, Glasgow Green, Thu 5 Nov, 6.30pm, free event.
  • Next on our firing order is Leeds. And with so many parks and venues to hold a firework frenzy in Leeds it was hard to pick just one. But it had to be the all-time favourite, Roundhay Park. It's always seemed a little odd that we celebrate a failed explosion by creating loads of new explosions, but Roundhay Park's festival to mark the killing of poor old Guido Fawkes is a must for all budding pyromaniacs. Thousands are expected to flock to Roundhay Park to celebrate Guy Fawkes night in style, as this is set to be the biggest firework and bonfire display in Leeds this year. So if you’re in the Leeds area get down to Roundhay and catch a firework display to remember.
  • Next up, a bonfire bonanza in Birmingham. A traditional bonfire night with fireworks. For the best and safest bonfire night in Birmingham, get ready for a night out under the stars at Pype Hayes Park, Erdington. There’s plenty to do before the fireworks – experience the thrills and spills of the funfair, warm up with some snacks and soak up the glow of the bonfire. People travel from far and wide to see the annual Birmingham bonfire. And with a set of fantastic fireworks setting off at around 8pm, and a fun fair beforehand. Pype Hayes park looks set to hold the most enjoyable Guy Fawkes Night in the Midlands.
  • We now come to Cardiff, and with the incredibly named “sparks in the parks”. On Saturday 31st of October, Cardiff's Cooper's Field will be host to one of the largest firework events in the UK - Sparks in the Park, with a spectacular display of pyrotechnics, a bonfire to behold, on-stage entertainment from a series of famous artists, as well as funfair rides, food stalls and many other family attractions. Each year, this event is attended by up to 18,000 people and our volunteers not only work hard to ensure that this is both a fun and safe event – they also go on to donate the proceeds to worthy local, national and international causes. So as well as helping a good cause you can watch in awe at the fantastic firework show in the beautiful city of Cardiff
  • Last but by no means least we arrive at London. The skies of Wimbledon Park will be alive with light and colour during a night of thrilling fireworks, exploding onto the scene at a popular London event. Children and adults will be out in crowds to enjoy fireworks in Wimbledon, in celebration of Bonfire Night. In addition to the fireworks displays and two bonfires, a selection of stalls will be open throughout the evening, along with a complete fairground. Visitors to the Wimbledon fireworks display can enjoy the pyrotechnics and go for a spin beneath the stars, what more could we ask for. And with London always having to go a step further than most I am sure this year’s Wimbledon fireworks will be one we all remember.
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