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For those planning a smaller Halloween display we have compiled our top 10 smaller, and less expensive, spooky themed fireworks. Mostly ideal for those with smaller gardens, the assortment is also ideal for younger children and includes a diverse range of exciting performances.

Crazy Clown - Noise Rating 2/10 - 65 Seconds - Cost £5.94
This Crazy Clown fountain from Standard Fireworks is no joke, but will nonetheless have guests grinning from ear to ear. A plume of golden sparks spray upwards before fizzing flower and snow pine effects take hold and during this sequence flaming red balls spit upwards and dance amongst crackling clusters. Next, green pearls join the concoction whilst crackling chrysanthemums pop and bang and just when you thought it was all over the clowns' face illuminates and beams back at you! Gently strobing in the darkness, spectators will be either delighted, or horrified, by this eerie image.


Cobra Tail - Noise Rating 5/10 - 35 Seconds - Cost £9.96
Designed as an alternative to the long banned Chinese firecracker, Black Cat's Cobra Tail is a seldom seen crackling snake which will certainly go bump in the night! Once lit coloured stars, intense crackling and a heightened finale are produced, and the firework can be lit on a flat surface or, for even greater impact, can be hung and lit upright.

Black Cat's Cobra Tail Fountain

Vampire Fountain - Noise Rating 2/10 - 65 Seconds - Cost £4.98
The Vampire Fountain is a fantastic firework, and at night really comes to life! A jet of silver sparks hover above an ominous green flame and then golden spray froths amongst a scattering of pine needles, red stars and green blobs. Popping flowers and titanium crackle give a captivating, and somewhat ghostly, strobing effect and the piece is constantly engaging throughout its entire 65 second duration.

Vampire Fountain by Standard Fireworks

Dragon Fire - Noise Rating 4/10 - 60 Seconds - Cost £6.96
Roaring into life, Dragon Fire breathes out a tall tower of snow pine effects whilst lucid red balls of fire spit upwards. Halfway through, the Dragon springs to life and its eyes and nose brightly illuminate whilst breathing a column of sparkling fire. An energetic finale gives raging crackling chrysanthemums and will certainly keep guests on their toes.

Pumpkin Fountain - Noise Rating 2/10 - 90 Seconds - Cost £3.96
If there is one thing synonymous with Halloween, then it has to be the humble pumpkin! TNT's Pumpkin Fountain offers unbeatable value and at less than £4 for a 90 second duration should be on everybody's wish list. A mass of erupting effects juggle coloured stars amongst fiery showers, and a quiet spell is quickly replaced by clouds of crackling clusters. Blue, red, yellow and green blobs appear whilst titanium chrysanthemums light the night and a loud popping finale ends proceedings before the pumpkin strobes internally. In its last 30 seconds the pumpkin gives a flickering glow and the beaming eyes and smiling mouth are both highly amusing if not a little haunting.

Hobgoblin - Noise Rating 5/10 - 90 Seconds - Cost £15.96
The Hobgoblin from Black Cat Fireworks is our highest ranked Halloween themed fountain for very good reason. Silver chrysanthemums and red stars change to golden chrysanthemums with multicoloured stars and then furious crackle bursts storm the night to give almighty clattering sounds. Reaching full stride, golden rooster tails appear from the mischievous imps ears and the once furious storm of crackle bursts erupts twofold which creates a thunderous hail storm of ear-popping blasts. Lastly, a beaming set of eyes and strobing mouth illuminate before the hobgoblin finally fades into darkness.

The Hobgoblin Fountain by Black Cat Fireworks

Sorcery 12 Shot - Noise Rating 4/10 - 25 Seconds - Cost £9.99
Sorcery really is magical and begins with a pair of mine lifts which cackle like witches' laughter. Next, green and purple coco bursts fill the night and for its finale it casts a salvo of golden palms which fire simultaneously and give overlapping effects. A final clap of crackling time rain is heard and with that the supernatural powers come to an end.

Sorcery 12 Shot Cake by Standard Fireworks

Mad Moth 25 Shot - Noise Rating 7/10 - 40 Seconds - Cost £9.98
Mad Moth is an all-time favourite and provides columns of piercing, crackling mine lifts before startling whining noises are heard courtesy of zipping sonic effects. Having launched 20 shots of peculiar sounding visuals, the final 5 shots emit snaking comet tails to large coloured peonies. Please note that although small in physical size this barrage punches well above its weight and therefore, unlike the fireworks before it, carries a safety distance of 25 metres.

Epic Fireworks: MAD MOTH

Triple Whistle 25 Shot - Noise Rating 7/10 - 30 Seconds - Cost £9.98
On lighting Triple Whistle, the local trick or treaters will be in for a devilish surprise! Three-stage whistling serpents screech upwards and appear to scream, pause for breath, then continue to wail as they complete their journey skywards. This will add a great spooky atmosphere to your Halloween celebrations and is always a firm favourite with children.


Shrill Witch 25 Shot - Noise Rating 8/10 - 36 Seconds - Cost £9.98
Stealing our top spot in this countdown is the 25 shot Shrill Witch barrage. Sonic spinners are at the heart of this little beast, and high-pitched wheezing sounds give a truly unique rotary warbling noise. Guests will find the eerie sounds utterly captivating, and children's imaginations will run wild as the sky becomes awash with large peonies of various colour. It is truly amazing what this smaller cake is capable of and, like Mad Moth, it carries a 25 metre safety distance.


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