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Ordering Fireworks Online

Keep Calm & Wait For Bonfire Night

Epic Fireworks UK retails half price fireworks online all over the UK for delivery. In most cases, the delivery is free and you still have a couple of days to put your order in to avoid disappointment.

ALL our products are marked BS 7114 and comply with all safety standards and with our display packs, you receive safety portfires, goggles, firing order, set up instructions and layout plan and rocket launch tubes.

We are currently delivering from Glasgow to Cornwall and will continue to do so until the morning of the 5th November 2012.

If you buy one of our free for delivery FANTASTIC DIY display packs you will not only get them before the big day but with no charge for delivery either.

So, if you want a truly memorable display and do not live within driving distance of the fantastic showroom in South Yorkshire, this will be a much better option than settling for half-hearted offer

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