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Orange Karnival in Uganda - (warning) expect fireworks

Orange Karnival in Uganda - (warning) expect fireworks

This is taken from a blog about a woman living in Uganda who went to see Shaggy performing at the Orange Karnival

After the opening acts, Orange put on a splashy fireworks spectacle - actually the best fireworks I've seen in Uganda yet. (An aside about fireworks: whenever someone wants to do fireworks in Kla, you have to put up public notices in advance (posters, ads in the newspaper) so no one thinks a civil war is breaking out. I have to admit one time I was having dinner with Kris' parents, and we started hearing the bang-bang-she-bang of fireworks, but couldn't see them. People were ducking under their tables, fearing the worst. It DID kinda sound like gunshots!).

Ugandans looooove fireworks to the extent that it puts American fourth of July goers to shame. Watching fireworks here is infinitely more exciting than in the US, mainly because of how excited and into it the crowd gets. No quiet rumblings of ooh and aah's, but shrieks and squeals of excitement, and jumping up and down. Someone once told me they watched fireworks in UG and noticed several people in the crowd weeping because the fireworks were so beautiful and moving. So infectious was the excitement, that I jumped on the bandwagon, took out my mobile phone and also started taking crappy pictures of fireworks! Everyone's main comment was that MTN (Orange's biggest competition for the telecom market) must be scared!

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