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Open For Business, the madness begins!

Remember where you were when you heard the news.

Epic Fireworks new HQ near Barnsley, South Yorkshire is open for business.

The doors opened at 9am this morning and the crazy hordes of pyrotechnic enthusiasts swarmed the store. The initial mayhem has subsided and orderly queuing has resumed.No one was hurt in the melee but a few were injured in the knee. Eyewitness reports suggest that a “firework fever” had taken over many of the customers leaving them seemingly possessed and eager for pyro desperately clutching at Thunderous Finales and snatching wildly at piles of Screaming Spiders…

A handsome Scottish Salesman acted as spokesman for Epic Fireworks saying:

“There is no need to panic, we have literally thousands and thousands of fireworks. We have had about 50 containers sent over from China, each full of top rate pyro and more containers is on their way as we speak. There is no cause for alarm. We have, and always will have, the UK's largest range of 1.3G barrages and rockets.We will NEVER run out of fireworks.”

Don’t miss out on being one of the first in the country to see Britains biggest fireworks shop. To get the best fireworks deals un the country get yourself down there today to:

Epic Fireworks

Wentworth Business Park

Maple Road


South Yorkshire

S75 3DL

Epic Fireworks – The UKs home of fireworks.

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