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Oman World Fireworks Championship 2010

WHAT: The Oman World Fireworks Championship 2010
WHERE: Muscat, Oman
WHEN: between 6th and 18th December 2010

The Oman World Fireworks Championship 2010 is just a day away! 6 teams from around the world will be pitting their pyrotechnic wit against each other for the crown.

Location: The Championship will take place at Al Qurum Natural Park, Muscat where the sky will be set ablaze by the worlds finest fireworks display teams.

The UK is represented by Merlin Fireworks, famous for the fireworks in London on the Millenium, and will be led by the very British Pierre-Yves Angoujard. Well known for the awesome Sony Bravia TV ad with the exploding paint.

Here is the line up for the 2-week event:

6th December - Vulcan - Hong Kong

7th December - Howard & Sons - Australia

10th December - Merlin Fireworks - Britain

12th December - Zambelli - USA

15th December - Panzera - Italy

17th December - Lacroix-Ruggieri - France

The best of luck from the Epic Team to the boys at Merlin, we are sure they will have a great time and we wish we could be there to watch what is surely going to be a stunning performance.

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