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North-east prepares for Infinity Festival

North-east prepares for Infinity Festival

The Infinity Festival begins next Thursday (May 14th) to mark the celebration of the North East’s newest landmark – The Infinity Bridge.

The bridge, opening in Stockton on Tees, will be welcomed with an extravaganza of entertainment with a world-first event and firework finale. Part of the weekend-long Infinity Spring Festival, the Bridge will be officially opened in a grand ceremony on the evening of Thursday, May 14th.

To give a bit of info on the event, it will be a spectacular show of sound and light which will see a thrilling one-off performance, with free runners scaling the bridge, in front of a 30,000 expected crowd.

The event starts at 20:00 to an array of activities including street performers, live acts, outside artistes, fairground rides, concessions selling food and drink, etc. Giant screens showing video footage, shots of the Bridge, and other various images will also be erected on the night.

The finale will be an extravagant fireworks display – the bridge will be lit up with spotlights and changing colour and a boat will travel from the nearby Princess Diana Bridge towards the Infinity Bridge, with fireworks coming off the boat.

A specially composed track with changing music will be played, composed by BAFTA award-winning Sandy Nuttgens.

A pinnacle point of the entire event will be when free runners will run from the centre of the Bridge out to the top, where they will let off flares into the sky.

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