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Noise Cancelling Kennel by Ford

Noise Cancelling Kennel by Ford


It can come as no surprise when I say that almost 50% of all domestic animals, especially dogs, are petrified of loud noises, particularly fireworks. Dog specialist Graeme Hall has been given the pseudonym ‘The Dogfather’ and he highlights that dogs can hear sounds four times further away and sounds too much higher frequencies than the human ear so just because you can’t hear the pyrotechnics, your dog may still be able to.

The technicians at Ford have created microphones inside a specially designed ‘noise cancelling kennel’ which detects firework sounds and changes the frequency inside the kennel to an opposite tone/sound and it also protects the dog against loud bangs or vibrations caused by fireworks cancelling them out.

The original noise cancelling tech is used in the high range vehicles in the Ford range already so the transfer and development of this into something which can genuinely reduce the suffering of pets, can only be a good thing.

If you want more information on how to keep your pet safe and secure around fireworks until this technology becomes available, please check out our blog for full details.

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